Monday, October 4, 2010

Here's to the Weekly Adventures of Holmes and Watson

Hey gang!!!!

It was so great to hear from you. Somehow this last week has been like impossibly long, so it felt like it had been forever. It warmed my heart to hear that there was at least the necessary grumbling about the canyon-conference-oohing-and-aahing-at-the-leaves-drive to make sure that the tradition stays alive!! Just wouldn't be the same without it. And I got a good chuckle out of Tara reminding me of mom's threats to pause conference if people don't stop talking. hahaha!!!!!! Home sweet home. Well, we will probably have some time this afternoon to write some letters, so i will respond to all the good stuff you said then.

So, Sister England and I walked out of our apartment one morning and were on the metro before either of us, apparently, looked down to notice what we were wearing: black shoes, tan nylons, black skirt, purple sweater, and long tan trenchcoat. Yup....both of us. Chalk it up to comp unity or whatev, but we totally looked like TJs and/or little kids dressing up as detectives (think mary kate and ashley--the younger years). All we were missing was the magnifying glass. It was ridiculous. And that is how the adventures of Holmes and Watson began!! Yeah, we are totally cheesy, but "What PoA would you suggest now Watson?" has definitely become one of my more favorite things to say! (side note--i can't believe i am actually publicly admitting how much we are still livin it up as little girls!hehe)

Adventures of Holmes and Watson:
1. Sister England (aka Watson) declared war on the fruit flies that had infiltrated our apartment. Her method of choice was very telling of her character. Instead of just talking and scheming about different ways to get rid of them, she just went and pulled out the vacuum and chased them all over the place sucking them up one by one! Seriously, her mentality of just getting up and getting things done is something I really admire about her.

2. K, it's probably a toss up between my two worst blonde moments of the week. First, we are walking down a sidewalk one day and i feel a large drop of some unidentified liquid land on my neck. I, of course, look up, searching for the culprit in some house wife watering her flowers on a balcony or something. Didn't see anything. Kept walking. Felt another splash on my face. Another on the top of my head. What the heck; that's so gross?! Still see nothing. So, then I start doing all these little quick movements trying to dodge the housewife's "gross" liquid. Until.....I realize it is raining. Dodging raindrops is certainly no easy task! (Sister England hasn't let me forget that one.) Second, I came to the very obvious realization that i probably should have taken a world religions class before coming out, because the out-loud train of thought that took place as I, (just THIS week mind you) put the Baptist church together with John the Baptist was definitely not one of my prouder moments. So, needless to say, the blonde in me may have won a couple rounds this week.

3. So I called Helene one night (fyi she has been super fruijy lately and has been saying she's too busy to set up a rendezvous, "but hasnt forgotten us") and before we hung up, she asked me if I was still praying for her. Actually, more like she cross examined me about what exactly I was praying for in her regard! So once I had sufficiently reassured her, she said "ok good. And don't worry I've been praying for you too. I remember how you told me you weren't married, so I've been praying for you to find a husband." BAHAHAHA. I burst out laughing on the phone about that one! But really, it was very african sweet of her, so I just thanked her and didn't even bother mentioning that that was probably the furthest thing from my mind!

4. Watson and I also made home-made cinnamon rolls for conference weekend! Rather, I assisted and fetched items as Watson made home-made cinnamon rolls for conference weekend. hehe So, sunday morning we had a pajama feast with the other sisters while listening to christmas music. I'm normally such a stickler about no christmas music til Thanksgiving night, but it's been in the air!!! Probably because the sweaters, scarves, and coats are starting to come out and we have started to run through piles of leaves in the morning! (mom--you asked for details about how we watch conference. For the Paris stakes they transmit it at the Versailles and Nogent chapels. So, we went to Nogent Saturday evening to watch the RS session and the Saturday am session. Then Sunday we went and watched the saturday afternoon session from 2-4 and the sunday morning session live from 6-8. So, we'll have to wait til the liahona/ensign comes out to read the sunday afternoon session. The main chapel is set up to watch it in french, but then they usually set up a little side classroom to watch it in english and spanish. Conference weekends are seriously the two best of the year!!!)

5. We accompanied Tina to conference in Nogent on Sunday night (fyi she was passed to the paris sisters because they found out she actually lives in that area), and probably the first thing out of her mouth when we met her at the train station had something to do with black magic!!! hehe. Oh, it was so good to see Tina again!

6. This wasn't technically our adventure, but still pretty funny. We ran into Sister Bellini on her last p-day and she said that Antoine had gotten a calling as a ward missionary. Which is perfect for him! (I think his 26 yr old son is going to start coming to church soon too...) But, he was there for the DMP meeting after church, of course, and the DMP kinda stoned by getting to the recent converts and saying "ok and what are we doing about Antoine?" Oops. Welcome to the inside workings of the church antoine!! Sister Bellini said she turned to him and was like, "So, Antoine, could we keep seeing you?" Yes. "Ok then, that's settled."

Oh dangit, i totally ran out of time and didn't even get to the good stories this week! Super sorry, but i guess I’ll have to fill you in on the cockroaches, cats, triplets, and metro miracles next week, or in my letters this afternoon.
love you lots and lots. sure grateful for ya!
love, pordo

oh and mom dont worry about the terrorist stuff! we'll be smart and they take care of us. stop fretting!

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  1. I love her letters. It is the highlight of my week getting her letters on Monday. Thanks for sharing.