Monday, June 13, 2011


Hey dearest family!

How are ya?!!! I can't believe the kids are out of school already. Seriously, I don't know what happened to this last month. It has absolutely flown by. What are the first things on the summer docket?

This last week was awesome, and the highlight, of course, was Anne-Sophie's baptism! You know you have issues when you hear yourself say out loud, "I'm getting a little stressed because this baptism is just not stressful enough." But for real, preparing this baptism was like no other baptism I have ever planned.

The ward is awesome and Anne Sophie is like the most self-sustaining investigator ever (did I ever mention she already finished the whole book of mormon? or that she brought her laptop to one of our rendezvous this week to show us the baptismal program she started making on her own? yeah....i'm for real.), so everything went down without a single hitch.

The spirit was wonderful and Anne-Sophie pulled such a typical "Anne-Sophie" getting out of the font. I guess she had stepped on her dress when she went under the water, so it was kind of tricky coming back up, but she pulled herself up trying to remain all dignified about it and then just blurts, "c'est bon? ok," and turns around to walk out. Very much the matter-of-fact, get down to business, cut the small talk, Anne-Sophie we all love!

And even though she spent all sunday morning in the emergency room and just about fell over walking back to her seat, she got the Holy Ghost, was sustained as a member, and is now no longer only a "half member" as she called herself Saturday night, because her baptism was complete! Seriously, she is awesome. Not even ending up in the hospital kept her from getting to church to be confirmed! (take that satan.) And I know I've told you before how she is just SO French, but we had a very tender moment with her this week.

Last week in church President Gaston talked some about the importance of taking the people you love in your arms to tell them that you love them. And since Anne-Sophie is all about putting the gospel into practice, she told us about how she went home and did that with her roommates and how they were hilariously awkward about it and not used to it, but that she felt good after. And then asked if she could hug us and tell us that she loved us. K, my heart just about melted?! So simple, I know. But a HUG? From Anne-Sophie? It was huge!!!!!! Bit of a tender moment.

Speaking of tender/emotional moments. We watched the Joseph Smith movie with her the day before her baptism in the visitor's center, and one of the elders who was working the center came in to watch some of it with us, but then slipped out towards the end, and afterwards was like, " was getting a little too emotional in there...." Apparently, Soeur Smith and I practically in sobs and sniffling into tissues was a little too much "feeling" for him to handle! That, or he didn't know if he would be able to keep from laughing at our patheticness (is that a word?) very much longer, I don't know! Funny, nonetheless. I guess the little Bingham boy who came up to me in church last week and said, "Girl missionaries aren't missionaries, they are missionariettes" may have been on to something!

Okay, well I have more to tell you, but I think it may have to wait until next week. More important than all this rambling, anyway, is that you know how much I love you. I miss you, and if I could take you in my arms, I would, but just know i'm blowing big kisses for you to catch! You guys are the best and I hope Halle and Josh are having fun running outside on the street getting their Indian feet ready for summer adventures and boy scout challenges!

Love you,