Friday, June 11, 2010


Me, Sister Bellini, Gloria & Sister Giff jacket should have been done up...oops!

Me & Sister Bellini on the Seine.
This was one of my first days in Versailles. We got stuck out in some city & apparently none of the buses ran after 7 pm, so we got to walk a LONG way! You can't tell in the pic, but it was also raining, so it was one of those "pituresque" tromping through the rain missionary moments!

Mining the area book!
Sister Bellini secretly took this pic while Sister Gifford & I were sprawled out getting to work one evening!

I decided this could be titled either "Nasa nerds @ work," or Battle Preparations." haha
District meetings are awesome either way! I snuck this picture in while we were deciding where to do our finding activity -- it was too kodak of a moment to pass up!

Paris P-day!
Ice cream in front of the fountains by the Eiffel Tower....does it get much better?!

For your viewing pleasure...Welcome to St. Ouen!! This is the graffitti wall I told you about on our building. Home, sweet home!

Me & Sister Bellini headed to a rendez-vous one Sunday night!

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