Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Au Revoir et Salut Soeur Pearce!

Jordan went into the MTC, Wednesday, Feb 10th! She had a lot of friends and family come say good bye. Here are a few pictures of her send off!Nelson, Kirstin, Michael, Katie, Caroline & David!

Thomas & Cassidy!

Jordan is 4'11" tall and Michael is 5'11" tall. Here he is saying his good-byes on "her level." Jordan really loves Michael and was pretty sad that he will probably be gone on his mission before she gets home, so she won't see him for 3 1/2 years!

Dave, Ali, Lindsey, Brittney & Matthew!

Leslie, Kaden & Christian!

Nate, Diana, Jackson, Kate & Gwen!

Callie & Lizzie!

Love the awkward boy picture!
Jordan had already been set apart so here she is saying good-bye to Andrew and Stephen. Note: We have a similar awkward picture of Jordan & Andrew from when they ran into each other on the street in Paris, while Andrew was serving a mission in Paris and Jordan was on a study abroad!

Kaitlyn, Kelsie & Callie!

Kib, Lisa, Steph, Jacob & Justin!

The family in front of the MTC sign!

Our family and grandparents went to see Jordan off at the MTC. They won't let you in there anymore so we parked across the street and walked over to take pictures! Then got back in the car and did the drive through drop!

You have to look close but you can see Jordan being escorted inside by 2 Elders! They were really sweet and trying to keep her chit chatting so we didn't all have a total break down on the curb!

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